SUMMA Expo 1K is a flexible container, which is designed according to the specifications and needs of each of our customers, so the dimensions of each of our products may vary.

The fabric with which SUMMA Expo 1K is built is raffia polypropylene from 165gr / m2 to 220 gr / m2.

SUMMA Expo 1K has several filling and emptying systems. We have a filling spout or top skirt, discharge spout or flat bottom, or according to the needs of the client. All SUMMA Standard come with a pocket to store information about the product to be stored, and on our label you will find a user manual.

We can stamp SUMMA Expo 1K with your corporate image.

The capacity of our SUMMA Expo 1K varies according to the product to be stored.

If necessary, the SUMMA Expo 1K can have liner or internal protection.

The SUMMA Expo 1K is built with baffles to guarantee internal measurements.

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Summary Table


Style Square panel in U
Material Polypropylene
Capacity It depends on product to export
Internal dimensions 105 cm large x 105 cm width x 110 cm high
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